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Ricardo Bruzual Avendaño

Systems Engineer | Web Developer

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I’m a Systems Engineer from Venezuela, dedicated to web development. Currently I have finished a Master in Project Management in Madrid, Spain.

In recent years I have specialized in the creation and administration of custom sites in WordPress. Also, I have the knowledge and ability to develop sites using different programming languages, required to carry out projects in the best possible way. I have a good taste for design and details to achieve the best appearance in what I develop.

Master in Project Management
Minor in "Big Data & Analytics"
EAE Business School
Madrid, España


Systems Engineering
"Computational Systems" Mention
University of Los Andes
Mérida, Venezuela


What can I do?

Clean Code Ricardo Bruzual Web

Clean code

Development and maintenance of clean code and organized code to guarantee a good performance and avoid the appearance of problems and the loss of time in its recovery.

Responsive Ricardo Bruzual Web

Responsive design

Development maintaining a responsive design to maintain the appearance, form and efficiency in any screen size where they are displayed.

Front-end Ricardo Bruzual Web


Comfortable and intuitive designs, trying to minimize the most problems and get the best understanding for user interaction and experience.

Back-end Ricardo Bruzual Web


Back-end management using programming languages ​​such as PHP and database management to keep the websites updated and guarantee their performance and security.

My work

SEPROSA Ricardo Bruzual Web
Manu Campa Ricardo Bruzual web
Cecteco Ricardo Bruzual Web
Unicaja Ricardo Bruzual Web
KPRO Ricardo Bruzual Web
Defiende Venezuela Ricardo Bruzual Web
ZITRO Ricardo Bruzual Web
Service to Serve Ricardo Bruzual Web
YouthWorldNation Ricardo Bruzual Web
Autopsia Ricardo Bruzual Web
Ricardo Bruzual Web

Contact me!

Ricardo Bruzual Avendaño

+34 617048826


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